Role of the National Development Council (NDC) in the Indian Planning Commission.

National Development Council (NDC) is an advisory body which provides guidelines and approves the Plans. NDC gives advice at various stages in preparation of the Plan and ensures unanimity in the approach so that the Plan can have a national character. It is only after the approval of NDC that a plan is presented to the Parliament.

NDC is very broad based body and Headed by the Prime Minister, Central Ministers, Chief Ministers of the States and Lt. Governors, Administrators of Union territories and members of the Planning Commission. The Secretary of the Planning Commission is the Secretary of NDC.

The meetings of NDC are held at least twice a year. The important functions of NDC include:

  • NDC is a kind of bridge between the Union Government, the Planning Commission and the State Governments.
  • NDC provide guidelines for preparation of the Plan in accordance with the availability of resources.
  • NDC considers the Plan as formulated by the Planning Commission.
  • NDC considers the broad direction of the social and economic policy affecting national development.
  • NDC reviews the working of the plate from time-to-time and recommends measures for achieving objectives of the national plan.

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