How to Mix Vape Flavors Like a Pro – 2024 Guide

In recent years, vaping has become very widespread. The use of e-cigarettes today is more widespread than ever, and one of the reasons is the different aromas and flavors you can taste. Still, if you haven’t found your favorite flavor but you are skillful – you can mix different flavors yourself and make the ‘perfect’ one. Here’s how you can do it like a real pro.

Vaping Does Not Produce Smoke

We all know what a cigarette is, but many people still don’t know what vaping is. OK, you’ll say you know! But still, the fact is that most people assume that vaping is just a high-tech version of a traditional tobacco product – and that’s not true. Vape products were initially conceived as a substitute for cigarettes – but they do the effect differently. Unlike ordinary cigarettes, e-cigarettes which we call vape products – do not contain tobacco and do not burn anything. They are filled with liquids that often (but not always) contain nicotine or other substances – and sometimes even weed in countries where recreational use is allowed. The system and the principles on which it works are simple. The heater inside the device turns the liquid into vapor – and those who consume actually inhale the vapor. So, since there is no combustion – it is clear that there is no smoke either. That is exactly what made vaping so popular and widespread.

Keep Track of The Product Quality


Beginner vapers will feel lost when choosing their first vape device. Namely, this industry is advancing – and it will seem that you cannot decide on the right device. Of course, quality is significant in this selection – but you should be careful because it does not mean that the most expensive device will suit your needs. The most common mistake beginners make – is buying high-end, advanced equipment. That is usually not the right choice for the new users’ needs. Just as high-end devices are not necessarily the right choice – neither will be an overly cheap device of some suspicious quality. When buying a cheap device, the chances are high that the vaping experience will be poor. Therefore, the suggestion is to get a simple device that is easy to use and has the appropriate setup for your needs. If you have e-cigarette users in your environment, we advise you to try their devices. It can be a good way to see what works for you without investing in equipment you might end up using.

The Search For The Perfect E-Liquid

If you have already acquired a quality device, you should buy some quality e-liquids or e-oils. Namely, e-liquid can make or break the vaping experience. Choosing an e-liquid to suit your needs is probably the most important decision you will make when vaping. Searching for the perfect vape liquid can sometimes take a long time because it all depends on what the user wants. Some people want more vapor, while for others, the aroma is of primary importance. The choice is, of course, up to the users. However, there is one more thing that those who are already versed in vaping know. Namely, you can mix the liquids yourself and try to get the perfect taste. And how to do it?

Can You Mix Vape Flavors And Make Your Perfect One?


Yes, you can. However, to do this, you need some experience with e-liquids. So, what you have to emphasize are the base and aroma. With parameters such as vapor or taste, you need to be careful. For example, if you wish for more vapor – you will use liquids with a higher percentage of Glycerin. On the other hand, if you want a strong and sharp taste, you will use liquids with a higher percentage of Propylene Glycol. You can always check out DashVapes to learn more about all kinds of liquids and their components’ variations. Here’s what else you need to know if you want to mix e-liquids like a pro and come up with your perfect blend.

●    Create a Good Balance of Aroma and Vapor

When mixing, you need to know the basic rule – flavoring liquids must make up approximately 10% of your mixed e-liquid. If you add too much, it will not be good for the consistency of the liquid, and the taste can be good, although sometimes too strong. On the other hand, if you put less than that – you won’t taste to the desired degree.

●    Dare to Experiment


When trying to make your unique perfect mix – it is clear that you have to try several different combinations – and that’s OK. Experimenting puts you in a situation where you can try several different combinations – out of which one surely will suit you. Don’t expect the first combination of flavors to be the perfect one. Even if you think it’s fine – you should try it out over several days. Also, you should try other combinations that might suit you even better.

●    Do Not Mix Too Many Different Flavors

That is also wrong because the final result gives a ‘foggy’ kind of taste – that will certainly not be satisfactory. It is very similar to mixing different types of perfume. Various notes give different aromas, and when there are too many – it ends up without giving any taste – except for the one that can make you feel sick.

●    For Start, Mix Two Flavors


Experienced vape mixers claim that it is best to start by mixing two different flavors. There is less chance of getting confused – and your palate will be able to distinguish the aroma and taste more easily. As in some other spheres, the rule that less is better sometimes applies here. Of course, if you are already an experienced vape mixer, you can probably combine four or even six different flavors well. In any case, start with less – and see how far you can go.

The Bottom Line

When they first were introduced, vaporizers and cartridges with e-liquids of different tastes were a real hit. Today, they are still popular because we can find so many different flavors that we can combine. However, to do it as a pro – you must have a certain experience. Follow some advice from experienced vape users – and try to make you an ideal mix.

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