Write three main features of the Permanent settlement.

The three main features of the Permanent settlement are:

The zamindars became the owners of the land in their zamindari. They collected revenue on behalf of the Government This suddenly put them in a privileged class of society and they gave 100% support to the British so that they could continue living a life of wealth and luxury.

A zamindar had to pay 9110th of the revenue he collected to the British and the 10th part he kept as a remuneration for his exertion, but for some reason if he could not collect the revenue then his land was auctioned.

The land revenue to be collected from zamindars was permanently fixed by declaring zamindars as owner of the land. Since the system of tax collection was not based on logic of science, the burden of revenue became very high and soon the merchants and moneylenders buying the actioned land as a good investment with no concern for the peasant or the land.

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