Write short notes on Educational Excursion.

Educational excursions are very important in school years. It leaves everlasting memories in the minds of students and teachers as well. Educational excursions are organized for the following purposes:

Practical Exposure: It is very well known fact that lesson taught through practical exposure are always better than books. Where books give theoretical knowledge, educational excursion to the actual place helps in providing detailed information and also aids in answering unasked and asked questions about a process. Therefore, educational excursions help in providing practical exposure.

Infotainment: Educational excursions provide information combined with entertainment. Therefore, the students get information without getting bored.

Guidance: While on the educational excursions, the children get chance to clarify their doubts with the actual person who is involved in the process. Therefore, the guidance facility is very valuable. For example, if the children are taken to a dairy factory, they will clearly, get idea to how milk is taken out, how it gets purified and pasteurized. If they have any doubts, they can ask the personnel at the dairy farm. The importance of the educational excursion is that it provides the information which otherwise the students have not even dream of. Such information is never forgotten.

Durability of Information: Information which is obtained through a proper source whose validity is powerful lasts for a longer period of time.

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