What is the main purpose of advertising? What are the various objectives served by advertisements?

One can see a number of advertisements on TV, newspapers, magazines etc. They can even hear it on radio and glance through while walking on the road. The main purpose of advertising, a medium used by various companies, is to inform the customers about the company’s products or services and how they are useful to them. It plays an important role in giving a favorable impression about the company and its product to the consumers.

Objectives of Advertisement:

Businessmen go for advertising because of the following objectives:

Introduction of new products: One prefers to use advertising as one of the means to launch a new product in the market. All kinds of information can be transmitted to the customers regarding the product like its benefits, where it may be available, how to gain more information about it etc, with the help of advertising.

Inducing potential consumers to buy: Advertising helps in increasing the product sale. In order to convince the potential buyers to buy the product, ads should reveal out everything like usefulness of the product, its quality and price.

To create brands image: It helps in creating the image of a brand in the minds of the customers. Customer’s loyalty and liking can be created through advertising. If they start liking a particular brand, they would not go or shift their liking to any other brand.

Reminding users: Many firms introduce their products on a regular basis, one may tend to forget the old brands, with the coming of new ones. To overcome this problem, manufacturers on a regular basis advertise in order to hold the interest of the buyers.

Dealer support: Some ads are shown on TV, newspapers etc, to give support to the dealers and distributors. One can see many ads in the newspapers that contain the list of dealers and distributors along with the particulars of the product.

Increasing the retail sale: Through advertising, one can increase the retail sale on certain occasions by providing special or off-season discounts, gift schemes, clearance sales etc. With the help of these special offers, companies can easily draw the attention of the customers.

To highlight brand character: Consumers have the feeling for certain products that they should have a particular characteristics. If a brand has got that particular characteristic, a buyer makes a decision to go for that brand out of so many. Then comes the role of advertising to give stress to it and show its advantages. Through advertising, the benefits that are provided by the product can also be revealed.

Miscellaneous: With the help of advertisement, one can inform the customers in the remote areas, in far off places or outside the country about the new products.

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