What is Departmental Stores, Super Markets and Mail-Order House

Departmental stores:

A large-scale retail store which contains various departments in which each department sells a particular type of product called a departmental store.

Departmental stores are like separate retail stores that operate under one single roof. The main purpose of such a store is to provide large variety of products to each customer.

Under a single building, a wide range of products is sold and each department offers varieties of a particular product available for sale.

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One can get all types of consumer goods in such stores. Perishable goods like fruits, bread, butter, milk etc., are not sold in these stores. One can obtain various services and facilities from such stores like reading room, beauty parlor, hair saloon, telephone etc.

U.S.A. and European countries have got such popular stores. A single business firm owns and controls such stores. Businessmen prefer to establish them in central locations in cities so that consumers can easily approach such stores.

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Super Markets:

It is a large scale retail store where one can get various consumer goods of daily use. Various items are found in super markets like stationery, dress materials, toys, crockery, utensils, medicines, bread, eggs, meat, fruits etc.

There are separate stalls, shelves or tables for the goods in the same building. It operates on a self-service basis so the customers have to pickup the items of their need and pay for the items at the cash counter.

Customers can get the help from one or two salesmen who are there to guide the consumers. One can get large variety of goods in such stores. A person can get goods at low prices and fast moving items of daily use.

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Durable goods like radio, TV, fans etc. are not there in super markets. It does not provide services and facilities like reading room, beauty parlor, hair saloon, telephone, toilets etc.

Mail-Order House:

In mail order business, orders are received by mail and goods are delivered by parcel post. Such businesses deal with standard consumer goods that have trade marks or brand names.

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Customers can get their goods at their own place and this helps in saving time and expense of shopping. One can start such a business with a small capital.

Post office assures the payment for goods. It is quite difficult to approach uneducated people through the mailing list. Such a business is yet not popular in India because of the retail trading shops in each locality.

To carry on such a type of business, a mailing list may be prepared from the directory or from the list of members of a club or association. Names and addresses of persons who are interested in the particular goods are recorded in the mailing list.

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Businessmen invite customers to send their orders by post to the Mail-order house. Post office has to be paid the price of the goods delivered to the customers and they further send the amount to the mail order house. Delivery is made by V.P.P. (Value Payable Post).

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