What is observation method? Discuss it’s relevance in behavioral science research.

Observation method means viewing or seeing. We go on observing something or other while we are awake. Most of such observations are just casual and have no specific purpose. But observation as a method of data collection is different from such casual viewing. Observation is the basic method of getting into about any event. It becomes a scientific tool for research when we use observation in a systematic manner with a scientific attitude. It implies accurate watching of phenomena as they occur researcher goes to places where the event is taking place and records the findings.

Observation is a fundamental way of finding out about the world around us. As human beings, we are very well equipped to pick up detailed information about our environment through our senses. However, as a method of data collection for research purposes, observation is more than just looking or listening.

The relevance in behavioural science is that behavioural science is the systematic. analysis and investigation of human and animal behaviour through controlled and naturalistic observation and disciplined scientific experimentation. It attempts to accomplish legitimate, objective conclusions through rigorous formulations and observation. Examples of behavioural sciences include psychology, psycho biology, and cognitive science.

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