What is meant by Outdoor Media Advertising? Mention at least three outdoor media and explain their features.

Outdoor Media Advertising.

Outdoor Media Advertising inform the people about a product or service when they are out of doors or travelling rather than at home or in office is said to be an outdoor media of advertising. All the outdoor media except billboards are less expensive as compared to radio and television. Various types of outdoor media are, pamphlets, posters, hoardings, reon signs and electric displays. With the help of outdoor media advertising, goods that bear brand names can be advertised. It can be seen every time a person passes by it. Outdoor. advertising is moderately flexible depending on the cost. These media like posters, pamphlets etc, have different degrees of attention value.

Three types of outdoor media with features are:


  • It is one of the outdoor Media and is used to advertise a product.
  • Posters are less expensive if they are fixed on walls, roadside pillars, lamp posts etc.
  • Posters are the (written) messages printed on paper.
  • Payment of periodic charges have to be made if posters are fixed inside public transport like buses, railway coaches, trains, etc.

Neon sings and Electric displays:

  • These signs and displays are installed on rooftops or at busy street crossings in order to target the maximum number of customers.
  • People get more attracted to such signs and displays but these are visible and effective only in the right.
  • One has to pay high initial costs for the preparation and installation of neon signs and electric displays.


  • Hoardings are the bill boards installed at public places. These are large boards with message written on it, with sometimes very big and huge pictures.
  • One can view the advertisement from a distance because the size of the hoardings is usually large. They are prepared with a view to attract people.
  •  Cost of hoardings is high because of the heavy initial expenditure required for its preparation and installation.
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