What do you understand by safety valve Theory? Explain.

The Indian National Congress was founded by A.O. Hume British Civil Servant.While in his service he had affair idea of the magnitude of the discontent that had accumulated into the Indian masses and even the intelligentsia, which he thought could pose a threat to the existence of British regime. So in order to have a control over the great and growing for us generated by the British themselves, a safety valve was required.

The Indian National Congress as the people argued served the same safety valve the aim of which was to provide a peaceful and lawful outlet to the resentment among-st the intellectuals. However, historians now have come to believe that Hume’s intentions in the formation of the Congress were not just creation of a safety valve he possessed genuine sympathy for Indians. His motives were nobler than what they were thought of. He was the General Secretary of the Congress and helped in guiding, shaping, coordinating its activities.

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