What do you understand by llbert Bill Controversy?

Ilbert Bill which was also known as Criminal Procedure Amendment Bill.was passed on 2 Feb. 1883 by Sir G.P. Ilbert, a law member in Viceroy’s Council during the tenure of Lord Ripon. It aimed at keeping on same footing the Indian judges as Europeans to deal with all cases in the Bengal Presidency. It involved the possibility of Indian judges trying the Europeans.

In the middle of nineteenth century Indian judges could not try a case against Europeans,criminal case. It was in 1861, when Indian Penal code passed the uniform criminal law, then this Dual System came to an end and High Courts were established in the provinces. Still there were difference in the rights of Indian and European judges. It was to bring both on the same level, Ilbert Bill was passed.

This bill proposed to completely abort judicial incapability based on racial discrimination.The European community in India mainly the tea garden owners did not approve this bill. Even Queen started doubting Ripon’s intentions. And due to immense pressure from British community, Ripon had to emend the bill.The new amended bill had the clause that the trial of the case should be presented before a District Judge or a Session Judge and for the decision of the case, 12 judges should be there among those seven should essentially be Europeans.

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