What are the natural resources of the earth? Explain.

Natural resources like land, water, soil, minerals, etc., are limited and precious and therefore should be used more efficiently. Let us discuss about the use of these resources.

Land: Land is the most precious resource as it supports all the living beings on earth. Land in ‘India is used for agricultural purposes and for other purposes like housing, industrial use and for the development of roads, etc., but the soil erosion is causing a destruction of this land. People from rural areas are migrating to towns and the land of the rural areas is being under-utilized. Planning such as providing basic amenities like transport and communication, health care, education, clean water -and good sewage disposal is required in the rural areas.

Water: Water which is another very important natural resource is used for irrigation of fields or for drinking. In rural areas, there is not enough supply of water. Even all the towns do not have a municipal water supply system. Ground water remains under to pump out this underground water so as to provide assured irrigation to sizable part of our land.

Forest Cover: Forest resources in India are used as fuel, or for timber or for packing fruits and ‘for making paper. Because of the increase ink the population forests are being covered by housing needs of the people. Therefore, it is required to stop finis deforestation otherwise natural calamity like draught and floods will become a regular feature in India.

Minerals: Consumption on minerals like coal, iron, copper, etc. is increasing every year. Mineral in our country are being exported to other countries Therefore, it is required to properly utilize these resources and also handle waste so as to extract the useful resources from it.

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