What is Import and Export of Technology.

Import and Export of technology is one of the form of transfer of technology, which is becomes necessary from one to other nation for many reason. The other forms are transferring technology from the laboratory to the field.

Import of Technology: 

Technology can be imported from the developed countries to the developing ones through joint ventures, licensing, etc. but there are number or factors like suppliers ability and desire, recipients capacity and the communication process between the two which it governs its efficiency, Import of technology involves certain political restrictions with it.

Sometimes the donor country might pass on  the obsolete technology to the recipient country and recipient country might have to permanently depend on the donor country for the latest technology. Also sometimes spare parts imported from other country might not fit into the models in our country. These are some problems that comes along with the import of the technology. Laboratory to Field India has been able to develop a number of research centers and laboratories in different areas.

The efforts are carried by number of researchers but if they are not up to the mark of the policy-making level of different ministries, then the policy is imported from the developed country.

Export of Technology:

India not only imports the technology, but k now capable in exporting the technology as well to a lot of developing countries. India provides the technological know-how or mechanical support to a large number of Asian, Middle-East and African nations.

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