Name essential elements of computer.

Essential elements of Computer:

Input Device: Input devices are meant for presenting the data and information to computers machine readable form. A computer can have one or more of the following input devices.

  • Electronic Keyboard.
  • Punch card reader.
  • Magnetic tape.
  • Floppy disk.
  • Optical scanners.
  • Tele processing terminals.
  • Visual display unit (VDU)

Central Processing Unit (C.P.U.): It consists of three units, all are electronic based.

  • Memory Unit or Storage Device: The computer remembers data and instructions by storing them in memory unit.
  • Arithmetic and Logic.Unit (A.L.U.): The arithmetic and logic unit in CPU handles both the arithmetic and logical operations on which much of the computer operations are based.

Control Unit: This unit controls, manages and coordinates the functions of fall units in the computer. It also manages the internal movement of data and information.

The functions of CPU in a computer are:

  • Store the data, information and instructions.
  • Control the sequence of operation as per the stored instructions.
  • Control, manage and coordinate the functions of all units in the computer.
  • Carry out data processing and to send the results to the output.

Output Device: The results of any data processed by the computer are communicated to the user by means of the output devices. Output devices translate the computer output into a form which can be understood by persons using computer,

Some of the output devices are:

  • Visual display unit or monitor.
  •  Card puncher.
  • Magnetic tape disc.
  • Magnetic disc.
  • Floppy disc.
  • Printer.

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