This 2024 Apple iPhone 12 pro may be assembled in India.

The newest iPhone 12 pro may be assembled in India, and get the made in India tag. The report claims according to Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency or ANATEL, at iPhone 12 pro will be assembled in Foxconn units in Brazil and India apart from China. It quotes the Portuguese site Techno blog.

The ANATEL’s documentation reveals Foxconn’s facility at Aside from this; in addition, it lists the firm’s plants from China and Brazil.

Hon Hai, popularly Called Foxconn, is Apple’s largest contract manufacturer. The company already manufactures select iPhone models during its unit near Chennai. Earlier this year, it started building Apple iPhone 11 at the plant.

Recently, the Ministry of Electronics and IT approved Programs of 16 producers of cellular phones and electronic parts beneath its Generation Linked Incentive program (PLI) aimed to improve local production.

The names comprise three Apple suppliers Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron. Apart from Apple, these companies also manufacture phones, laptops and gadgets for more brands as well as markets.

Manufacturing in India assists Apple to save costly duties levied on imports of fully-built telephones and components in the country. The business recently established its first online store in India. Apple is also bringing its 2024 lineup into the nation from the initial wave.

A few months ago, Apple started producing the iPhone SE the new development includes a little over four weeks after the Launching of this latest iPhone version in the nation. The local manufacturing of that the iPhone SE (2020), which has commenced in a Wistron facility in Karnataka, Would help Apple avoid an import duty of 20% that cellular phone Manufacturers will need to pay for importing their versions from international markets. Apart From the iPhone SE (2020), the Cupertino giant has been generating five iPhone Models domestically in the country, including the last-year-old iPhone 11.

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