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Tips to Pick the Perfect Vendor for Your Promotional Work Shirts
The corporate world is advancing at a rapid pace, bringing new norms and working mechanisms every day. It is now hard for every company to keep up the pace with this rapidly advancing commercial ...
Continent that Most Advanced in Technology
Technological advancement is a continuous process. It is a process that started from time immemorial. From the use of the first generation computers to today's portable devices. The application of ...
Latest Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2024-2021.
We're seeing the entrepreneurs are scrambling up rough ground this past year. It appears it's time like never occurred in history. There's a dramatic realignment of digital advertising and marketing ...
Pros and cons of AVOD (Advertising Based Video On-Demand) Monetization.
AVOD stands to get Advertising-Based Video on Demand. AVOD businesses make money by selling ads in their videos, such as video commercials, exhibit banners, sponsored articles and much more. Hence, ...
The complete guide to AVOD (Advertising Based Video On-Demand) Monetization.
The Internet has dramatically impacted the way we see videos. The ability to deliver video over wireless and wired telecom has given birth to advanced online services. Notable ones include YouTube, ...
Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Human Resources in Near Future.
Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are rapidly changing the world we live in, and many are worried that robots are coming for our jobs. A growing number of people fear that robots and other ...
This 2024 Apple iPhone 12 pro may be assembled in India.
The newest iPhone 12 pro may be assembled in India, and get the made in India tag. The report claims according to Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency or ANATEL, at iPhone 12 pro will be ...
How to Download iOS 14 Update?
The most-awaited apples iOS 14 updates are finally coming out of beta to the public. So, if you are using Apple device and planning to update to the latest iOS 14, here’s a step by step guide below. ...
Google makes fun of Apple’s iOS 14 features
Apple rolled out iOS 14 to all iPhone Customers across the world This week. As is the case every year, the newest edition of iOS attracts a ton of new features. And again what happens annually is ...
Apple out the Facebook Gaming app from its App Store
After many failed efforts to get into Apple's App Store, Facebook’s Gaming app is now out on iOS. Nonetheless, it's lacking a significant functionality -- gaming. And Facebook isn't too pleased ...
Gates, Elon Musk, others Twitter accounts hacked in Bitcoin scam
Hackers broke to the Twitter Account of Tech moguls, politicians, actors and employers that are important Wednesday in a Bitcoin scam. There's no proof that the owners of those reports were ...
Apple released iOS 14 Beta version of available for public
Apple has released the brand new Beta version of iOS 14 that will be formally available in the all the newest iPhone 12 series. The Public beta version, which has created waves among the ...
Apple likely to feature ”high-end” camera lenses in iPhone 12
Apple"s forthcoming iPhone 12 is very likely to incorporate high-end lens arrays from the back camera to boost picture quality. Based on famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple"s manufacturing spouse ...
iPhone may soon replace your passport, driver’s license
After letting you open your auto with an electronic digital ley, Apple is planning to update iPhones with technology that would replace physical files like library cards, driver’s licenses, ...
Apple introduced iOS 14, reimagines the iPhone experience with new features.
Apple Introducing its biggest upgrade ever in iOS 14 for iphones and other important updates across product record like iPad, Watch and Mac, Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the virtual WWDC 20 ...
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