Nvidia is building Britain’s supercomputer to solve urgent health problems like Covid-19

Nvidia is building Britain's supercomputer to solve urgent health problems like Covid-19

U.S. chip giant Nvidia is building Britain’s powerful Supercomputer, which will use artificial intelligence to help scientists solve urgent health problems, such as those associated with COVID-19.

GSK and AstraZeneca, which can be equally involved in the coronavirus vaccine study, will be just two of the first pharmaceutical companies to exploit the machine’s ability, Nvidia stated.

This will be the 29th on the Top 500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, it said.

The Cambridge-1 computer, which can be anticipated to come online at the end of the year at Cambridge, east England, is an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD system capable of providing greater than 400 petaflops of both A.I. functionality, the business said.

Nvidia has said it planned to create an A.I. Center of Excellence from the university community, including an Arm-based supercomputer, that will function as a hub of cooperation for scientists, researchers, and startups in the united kingdom.

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The Cambridge-1 Supercomputer will soon available to researchers from industry and academia.

This supercomputer will serve as an Innovation for the U.K., as well as the groundbreaking work being performed by the country researchers in crucial health care and drug discovery,” explained Jensen’s speech.

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