List the features of an ideal medium of advertising.

The features of an ideal medium of advertising are as follows:

Reach: Such a medium should be adopted that reaches the maximum number of target audience. For this, newspapers and radio should be used. Newspapers are largely circulated among educated people and radio reaches a large number of people.

Message: One should go for that medium, which helps in conveying the message adequately and properly. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television etc, can be used to convey the message. The medium that helps in conveying the message to a large number of people should be choose.

Economy: Any medium can be adopted but it should be economical from the point of view of cost. Newspapers vary in the cost depending upon the space, magazines are less expensive, radio and television are more expensive than others, outdoor advertising is less expensive except bill boards and direct mail is moderately expensive.

Flexible: Medium should be flexible relating to size, design, layout, color etc. Newspapers and direct mail of advertising are highly flexible, magazines are less flexible than newspapers, outdoor advertising is moderately flexible depending on cost, radio and television both have restricted flexibility depending on the available time.

Scope of repetition: Message should be repeated on a regular basis so as to arove the interest of the customers. The medium should provide adequate scope for repeating the message at frequent intervals. Quick repetition is possible with the help of radio and television; through newspapers, message can be repeated almost every day and magazines are restricted to frequency of publication.

Effective: One should opt for that particular medium which helps to achieve the goals of sales promotion. Advertising helps to increase the sales and if proper medium is adopted, one can increase the sales and earn profit Newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor advertising and television can be used as a medium to advertise a product.

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