Explain the Importance of Public Administration?

The importance of Public Administration is a specialized subject of study. which can be done from various perspectives such as, the importance of public administration as an instrument of Government, its importance as an instrument for development and change, its importance in modern domestic welfare state, lastly, its importance as a study of discipline. Elaborate of these points in brief below:

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The importance of public administration as a Governmental Instrument.

Government’s most important function is to rule, i.e. to maintain peace and order as well as protect the lives and property of its citizens. It has to ensure that citizens should obey the contract or agreement and also settle their disputes. This important function of Government is expedited through the instrument of public administration. But, with the increase in governmental functions, the need for better management of public affairs was voiced by practitioners.

The importance of public administration as an instrument for development and change.

The administration of any country reflects the merit and potentialities of its people and gives shape to their qualities, and desire. Whenever people think to move ahead in the direction of progress and growth, their main instrument is public administration. To run their institutions, schools and technical institutes, they need to have trained human force. To build roads, bridges, buildings, they require technical experts. To work towards development and new explorations, they need scientific human brain. For all these, a fully developed public administration can only meet the above mentioned needs.

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For example, national railway, transport, communication network, fundamental research all have to be managed by the Government through the trained public officials. Public administration is a tool for change and development because it has to plan many things for social welfare make new laws and implement them. For example, laws against Untouchability, dowry system and laws for the weaker section like laborer, women and children. Hence the importance of public administration is never-ending.

The importance of public administration as an instrument for welfare state.

Government has imparted many services for the welfare of its citizens in modern democratic state. The services including in the field of education, medical care, social security, care of the weak, orphans, and widows. It also provides employment opportunities for the young aspirants. A welfare state recognizes these problems and undertakes measures for their solution. Thus it is not surprising that a modern state is also referred as an ‘administrative state’. Prof V.V. Rahman has rightly said, “If our civilization fails, then administration is held responsible for it.”

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The importance of public administration as a study of a discipline,

The increase of the importance of public administration in the lives of the people, it becomes essential to study its working system and procedure. Therefore, its study in the course of academic institution has become an essential part. The study of public administration as a separate discipline has made a major breakthrough at the university level in western countries as well as India.

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