Distinguish between different types of small-scale retailers.

Small scale retailers are also called fixed shop retailers. These retailers run small shops that deal with miscellaneous products of daily use and shops that sell particular products of various varieties. They have fixed shops of their own and hold small stocks located in market areas or residential places. They have got limited products to deal with like vegetables, fruits, stationery etc. General stores also come under this category.

Stalls on streets: One can see small shops on the road side in cities and towns. Retailers establish them in market places or residential areas in order to sell various products of daily use like grocery, biscuits, stationery etc. Consumers can easily find such shops near roads, street-crossings or bus stops. They provide goods of daily use so that consumers don’t have to go to central markets.

General Merchandise shops: These shops deal in all types of general consumer goods of daily use like provision, bread, butter, stationery, matches, paper and pencils etc. One can find these shops situated in busy markets and thickly inhabited residential areas. Such shops provide goods of all types under one roof. Consumers don’t have to travel long distances in search of products. These shops provide various facilities like credit facility, home delivery services etc; to its regular buyers.

 Speciality Shops: These are small shops that deal in only one on two special types of goods. Such shops provide goods like medicines or books and stationery or bread and confectionery items or toys or ready-made garments etc. People can fulfill their needs by buying from these shops because different grades and sizes are available in the same product line.

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