Discuss the main features of colonialism.

Colonialism as we understand it today was a form of society which was developed and modernized only to a level where it was of benefit to the British rule. We have seen that how England drained its colonies economically and exploited its natural resources. Subordination and exploitation have been the key features of colonialism. We can see it in the choice of agriculture to political policies. The colonies do not have any choices in these matters. Over a period of time colonialism becomes a way of life, affecting the society, culture, ideologies. We get to see the lingering remains even today.

To begin with in the first phase colonies had vast land resources which England lacked. So it led to mining, agriculture and plantations. Soon the British realized that the colonies were excellent markets to sell their finished goods from England. Colonies used to sell off their raw materials for pittens and bought back the manufactured products at enormous prices. As the demand and supply race begins we see the coming up of more and more plantations, mines, railway lines, all for the convenience of trade and to satisfy the never quenching greed of the imperialistic power.

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