Discuss the circumstances leading to the Swadeshi Movement.

The Indian people voiced against the oppressive policy of the British rule. Even the moderates of Congress could not apease them.The Partition of Bengal (Curzon’spolicy) gave a new turn to the national movement. The anti-partition campaign began with lots of fervor and fury. Several public meetings conferences were held in which delegates from all the districts expressed their agitated feelings. But all this went into deaf ears and the British authorities remained indifferent in India as well as in England. So the nationalists sought to use some other method to make their voice more clear and effective.

The Swadeshi movement began first note—the move of boycott of British goods. The Swadeshi movement had such a great impact that a lot of Indian enterprises started off at that time like Bengal Chemicals, National Tannery, Calcutta Potteries, various soap, match-box and tobacco manufacturing units, oil Mills, Swadeshi Banks etc. were established.

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