Differentiate between informative and competitive advertising?

Informative advertising:

Informative advertising is that which passes on the useful information about a product or service to the customers. It is desirable. in such advertising, advertisements are prepared in order to give an informative message. The motive of making such ads is to inform the public at large about an issue of public concern. For example AIDS, POLIO, Dengue, T.B., gender equality, providing education to girl child etc. These ads normally take famous personalities as their brand ambassadors. Polio ads are done by Amitabh Bachaan. People normally follow and listen to what the actors try to say. This inculcates a feeling in them to follow the path that is shown by their heroes.

Competitive advertising:

It is meant to shift demand from one brand to another. Such advertising is undesirable and no additional demand is created by advertisement.

In such advertising ads are prepared with a view to create the image of a brand. Businessmen put their creative thinking in making such ads. This is so because their ads should be different and new as compared to the ads of their competitors. They try to convince people by showing that their product can give maximum benefits. For example Lux soap, Sun silk Shampoo, Air-tel, Idea, Maggi, Hide and Seek Biscuits etc. Businessmen have to pay a huge amount to media so that their ads can be viewed by lots of people.

Famous personalities are also paid a huge among for being the ambassadors of their products. For e.g. Hrithik Roshan is connected with Hide and Seek Biscuits, Sushmita Sen is linked with Panteen Shampoo etc.

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