Analyses the Features of Radio, Newspaper and Television advertising.

Features of Radio:

Radio is one the advertising medium that helps in broadcasting. Now-a-days, it is in great demand because low income groups can also buy the radio sets. People like listening to radio as it provides all useful information like news, gossip about film stars, tips for children etc. People can hear the latest music and advertisements also. With the help of radio broadcasts, businessmen can easily reach a huge mass of people in various parts of the country to advertise their product.

Various consumer moods can be advertised on radio like movies, fans, leather items, bags, sewing machines etc. Oral messages are more impressive than the written or printed ones. It does not require education to receive the message, even though it is an audio medium. It is so because the people who are listening may not be literates. Ads can be repeated as and when required at regular intervals. Such an advertising media is suitable for mass consumption goods.

Features of Newspaper:

Newspaper is said to be a print medium and it is published on a daily basis. A positive aspect of newspaper is that the message is communicated to customers through words in print, sometimes with pictures or photographs and fakeness would not be there because message is in the written form. One should use and make the words attractive, appealing and informative. Newspapers are published regularly, widely and in various languages to be read by literate people. It is treated by many as the source that provides information. It can prove to be a good medium of advertising as it an reach a huge mass of people and even is quite cheaper than radio and television. With the help of newspapers, messages can be repeated almost everyday, if required.

Businessmen can advertise the goods of mass consumption in newspapers because they are read by the general public. A person can choose a particular newspaper from a whole lot depending on his need. To get the information about the nation, a newspaper which has nationwide circulation can be selected. For regional coverage, a newspaper in that regional language can be selected.

Features of Television:

It is mostly choose by the businessmen as a medium of mass communication in order to advertise their product. Television growth took place because of satellite transmission and establishment of more relay stations in order to capture remote areas of the country. It is said to be very effective because it provides sound, vision and movement as compared to any other medium like radio and press. Because of this reason, businessmen like TV to demonstrate their product and its advantages.

Through TV, viewers can get extensive coverage and the impact of visual communication. There are many community centers and public places in remote areas, for the poor people who cannot afford to buy TV sets. They can easily watch TV programs at such places.

To advertise a product through TV, a large amount has to be paid to advertisement agencies. One can watch many channels on TV like cartoon network, discovery channels for the children to watch, news channels, devotional channels etc. for the old ones; daily soaps, cookery Classes etc. for the ladies and fashion channels, sports and movie channels etc, for the youngsters. Goods of mass consumption can be advertised through television. Ads can be repeated on TV at regular intervals as and when required.

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