Write short note on Termination and Evaluation in context of casework process.


Skills in terminating the helping relationship are just as important as skills that are used in initiating and establishing the relationship. Termination of services should be a planned and natural component of the casework process. Discussion of case closure should begin during the assessment phase when time limited services were discussed with the family. The use of the written service. Agreement to develop and document time limited goals lets the family know when to expect case closure. The decision to terminate services develop an aftercare plan should fully involve the family.


An evaluation is done for the three important purposes:

  • To let the agency and worker know if their efforts have brought fruitful results.
  • For public relations.
  • For promotion of funds.

During the termination process it is helpful for the family and Children’s service worker together to evaluate the progress made by the family. Feedback from the family may be valuable in helping the worker to evaluate his/her performance and to establish future relationships. The evaluation not only helps the family members recognize their progress but may also encourage them to engage in future self-evaluation.

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