Social work in the mean time has emerged as a professional discipline. It addresses to the problems and the intricate connections in between the people and their environment.

Its main motive is enabling people for the enrichment of lives and the development of prospective courage and ability in them. The values, theories and practices of social work are inter-related.

For this profession the main education is the understanding of human needs, social problems, welfare responses and the needed specialized intrusion.

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In this field the perspectives are distinctively unified with other disciplines like biological and social sciences. Social work has its own knowledge and skills.

Emergence of Social Work as a Profession:

Emerged as a profession because of the previous efforts of charitable groups and churches for the Elimination of poverty, provide religious objects to the poor, promote self-control, improve the economy, to care for children and the .elderly, and fix the criminals.

Due to the emergence of this profession, several children’s homes and homes for the elderly appeared. Assistance is provided to needy families, groups and individuals to regain their life for themselves and the community.

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Group of people engaged in this occupation is expected to help people by modeling or change social conditions for people.

Education doesn’t improves their social competence, but also provide guidance to workers to help people in adjusting social life and economic evil done because of family conflicts, personal conflicts, social disturbances, disease and poverty.

In 1890, there was a strong desire to get professional status and grant the profession a status. Then the many reasons which contributed to the professionalism were:

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Professionalism was a big name then and medicine and engineering had demonstrated the wonders which can occur when the science was applied.

Most COS workers were individuals who needed to earn living and they were interested in establishing their work in this profession only.

New class of women who were educated wanted career outside their homes. This profession was providing them a good opportunity and they could not be stopped by the family members.

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Paid workers and volunteers were discovered with the complexity of task they were facing. Helping the people to deal with the problems like family breakdown, poverty, etc. was complicated which. were not handled by the doctors, physicians but by social workers.

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