What is the Concept of Social Legislation? Discuss the Need and Objectives of Social Legislation.


Legislation can be used as a tool which can help in controlling, guiding and restraining the activities of people and groups of a society. Individuals and groups who live with freedom can have disputes which may involve their own self interest. This may affect the society and ultimately leads to chaos. Legislation controls and directs the people’s behaviour to work in a desirable channel. Law is very vast and it even have several branches.

There are a lot of legislation’s like taxation, corporate, civil, criminal, commercial etc. The branch which deals with the aggregates of social economic conditions of people is called as the social legislation. Laws are social institution that embodies the social norms. These laws are passed by considering the needs, circumstances and socio-political ideals of the people.

Some of the definitions of social legislation:

Dr. R.N. Saxena defines social legislation as “any act passed by the legislature or a decree issued by the government for the removal of certain social evils or for the improvement of social conditions or with the aim of bringing about social reform”. According to the Dictionary of Sociology by Fairchild “Social legislation means laws designed to improve and protect the economic and social position of those groups in society which because of age, sex, race,. physical or mental defect or lack of economic power cannot achieve health and decent living standards for themselves”.



Our Constitution replicates the goals of people to become a welfare state where people enjoys the right to have a dignified life. Citizens of a country are allowed to get and have access to the basic human rights like right to life, employment, work health, education, etc. Social legislation provides us a proper dignified as per the law permissible structure for the accomplishment of goals. When social order changes, new problems and demands arise which are heavy to go out of hand? We as country men are facing a lot of problems of socio-economic injustice, socio-economic inequality, social security and the problems of welfare legislation’s. It is important to get the knowledge about the fact that social legislation must meet the needs of the people. Social legislation is needed due to the following:

  • To ensure social justice.
  • To bring about social reform.
  • To promote social welfare.
  • To bring social change.
  • To protect and promote social rights.

Objectives of Social Legislation:

Social legislation has the following specific objectives:

  • Eradication of disparity on the basis of sex, religion, caste and class and promotion of equality.
  • Protecting the rights of weaker sections of society.
  • Abolition of unprofessional conduct and social evils like dowry, untouchability, etc.
  • Stipulation of social security.

We need social legislation because:

  • Protection and promotion of rights,
  • Prevention of individual and social disorganization.
  • Proactive action.
  • Pioneering social reforms in social institutions.
  • Progressive social values for desired social order.

The aim of social legislation is changing and reorganizing society for the improvement of social and economic condition.. Every individual must be provided equal rights and equal opportunities. Social legislation addresses the social problems through legislative means.

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