Write a short note on Science in Iron Age Greece.

Science in Iron Age:

The culture was being developed between India and Greece e.g. caste structure. Higher level work was given to higher caste people while manual work was done mainly b slaves. On the other hand it is interesting to note a basic difference between  Indian and Greek science in term of the influence of existing ideological and religious system on science. The Greek science was mainly based on questioning and reasoning.

Developments in Some Areas of Science: Some major developments in the area of science were as follows:

Geometry and Astronomy:  Mathematics like pythagoras, Eudoxus, etc. introduced various developments in geometry and also on the stud of motion of the planets.

Mechanics: Mechanics which was developed out of the necessities of irrigation, moving of heavy bodies, ship building, etc. was another branch of science introduced during this period. some inventions like pulley, windless and screw came into use. Archimedes also gave this contribution in mechanics around (287-212 B.C).

Medicine: Medical science was continued to grow during this period. One of the great doctors of those times was Herophilus who studied nerves and pluses. Similarly some others studies about heart and lungs which provided explanation of human body.

Atomic Theory In Antiquity: The nature of matter in the form of atoms was thought of as the fundamental building blocks of observed substances. A particular combination of atoms imparted properties and qualities of substance. According to Greeks atoms were unalterable, They were supposed to be various geometrical forms and of various geometrical forms to explain their capacity for combining to from all the different things in the world. But both Greek and Indian atom-ism cannot be considered as a part of scientific ideas.

Decline Of European Science: By middle of second century B.C., the Greek empires collapsed as the Ital become a developed country in terms of farming country. Not much growth and improvement in techniques was done in the Romaera. With the growth of the econom in the East European countries were engulfed b the dark ages.

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