Arab Science:

The Arabs traced the store of knowledge step by step back to the Greek works. They translated these writings, absorbed them and developed them further. The Arabic science grew because it was practiced in a language used by the kings and the slaves. The Arab science was of a great help in the scientific thought of other civilizations. The main pillars of science were astronomy and medicine. Thus, these were some general features of Arab science. We will now discuss the contribution of Arabs in some important areas of science.

Astronomy and Mathematics of Arab Science:

The Arabs did some valuable astronomical observations which were of great help to the 16th century astronomers. Also. it was of great help to develop mathematics as It simplified calculations.

Geography and Scientific Chemistry of Arab Science:

Arab travelled a lot and made maps and charts giving not only descriptions, but also size and kale. The Arabs took part in handling drugs, salts and metals thus giving their contribution in Chemistry Arab chemists stipulated the positive and negative nature of two reacting constituents which laid the basis for modern chemistry.

Medicine and Optics of Arab Science:

The Arabs added to the knowledge of diseases and drugs based on the climatic conditions, hygiene and diet on health. The Arabs also studied eye diseases which led to the formation of lens and glass. We have studied about the growth of science Arabs. Now we will discuss the decay of its culture and science.

Decay of Arab Culture and Science:

The involvement of the kings, merchants am.: nobles in the science ultimately weakened the Aral. culture and science. Thus the Arab science, got off from the people leading to the decay.

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