Write a brief note on agriculture in India?

Agriculture in India is not only here chief occupation, but a Way of life. The farmers in India. are poor and hence unable to give maximum input to their land to get the maximum output. Therefore there is need to introduce a change in .our technology so that these technologies become labor-intensive to provide employment to the large number of people already engaged in agriculture.

BASIC RESOURCES FOR AGRICULTURE : Some of the basic resources like sunlight, soil and water which are required for agriculture.

Sunlight : Sunlight is the main source of energy for plants as they manufacture food. During monsoon, sunlight is reduced and hence the production is reduced but during summer, the sunlight is available to its maximum, but water availability is less, therefore the water should be stored during monsoon in large tanks so that t ere is no scarcity of water during summer.

Soil : Soil erosion is caused by wind, water and human neglect. To check these erosion adequate trees should be planted and ,land should be protected with proper grass cover. The soil and its nutrients should be checked periodically.

Water : Rain is the main source of water on earth for the growth of agriculture. The annual rainfall in our country is very less and droughts or floods are very common in one or the other parts of the country. Therefore, there is a need to use the ground water carefully with the removal of salt in it.

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