The lockdown 4.0 almost near to an end. It may extend in the various states where highest cases were found, and other states may be open to work fully functioning. All eyes are on the Mann ki Baat program of the Prime Minister on Sunday, which also happens to be the final day of lockdown.

 Followed such as social bookmarking. 4.0. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to stress on safety norms to be Tested will be ramped up and curbs could be imposed. While there might substantially easing of curbs those places that are currently reporting a high number of cases could be further contained.

You will find deliberations on various issues, which also include opening up of malls. Officials are discussing whether malls could be opened in the green zones while no decision has been taken. The thrust post May 31 when lockdown 4.0 comes to an end will be on containing the spread of the pandemic.

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The challenges are still there and it’s not the time to relax. Other health protocols and social distancing norms will need to be followed a formal informed. States would have to keep on playing with a part. The idea would be to contain the spread and continue to revive economic activity, the officer mentioned above said.

Cities like Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Thane, Surat, Jaipur and Indore are reporting cases that are greater and the containment strategy must be spruced up. With the movement of workers on the rise, there is a fantastic chance of the spread of the virus being higher and hence states have to coordinate better and enhance containment norms, the officer also said.

There is also a demand to open up spiritual institutions. While no call was taken on this by the Centre, Karnataka has said that it is in favor of spiritual institutions. However the Karnataka government would give a go-ahead just once the guidelines are announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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