Shikhar Dhawan shares his retirement plan: what he wants to do

Shikhar Dhawan the left handed opener of Indian cricket team, Has had a great international career so far. Even Lots of cricket still remains inside Shikhar Dhawan. Shikhar Dhawan is consistently gaining a place in the Indian group, but due to injury, he’s often left from the team. Shikhar Dhawan have lost his position in Test cricket, but he’s first choice as an opener after Rohit Sharma in limited overs cricket.

Like each athlete, a cricketer also has a life other than Cricket, however there are some cricketers that wish to get linked to cricket in some way. Shikhar Dhawan also considers in something such as this and he wishes to make his livelihood in a genre linked to cricket. Shikhar Dhawan has revealed his future plan in a live chat using R Ashwin about Instagram and stated that he would like to become a successful commentator after retirement.

Shikhar Dhawan has said,”I have got a very good sense of humor. The day I enter commentary, I’d consider it very good especially in Hindi. My Hindi time is good and my sense of comedy is extremely sharp. I will do it using a lot of love. I’ve got so many options. I have a flute. If I would like to be an inspirational speaker, then I’ll take my flute with me. I’ve plenty of tools to play with.

Dhawan enjoys music and plays the flute himself. He Stressed the necessity to really have a hobby out of work. He has stated,”I used to Listen to flute songs, even though somebody was playing on the road. I used to Stand there and wait patiently until the flute maintained playing. I thought I’d learn something. I began taking courses online. It has been 5 years. I feel so happy now. I like playing with it. As cricketers, we state we do not have time, but we’ve got Free time. Everybody has a hobby. It keeps your mind calm, which is very important.

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