When does an offer come to an end?

The offer comes to an end in the following ways:

By lapse of stipulated or reasonable time: The offeree is required to accept the offer within the time prescribed in the offer. In case where no time is prescribed them within a reasonable time.

By the death of insanity of the offerer or the offeree before acceptance: By the death or insanity of an offeree if the fact of his death or insanity comes to the knowledge of the acceptor before the making of the acceptance then the offer lapses.

By the failure to fulfill a condition precedent to acceptance: The offer lapses when the condition which needs and must be fulfilled before the acceptance of the offer and such a condition is not fulfilled.

By rejection of offer by the offeree: When the offer is rejected by the offeree either expressly or accepts it subject to certain conditions, then the offer comes to an end. After rejection the offer cannot be revived subsequently.

When it is not accepted in the prescribed manner or in some usual or reasonable manner: In case where the mode has been prescribed for acceptance and it is not accepted in that manner then the offer stands lapsed.

When a counter offer is made by the offeree: Counter offer means making a fresh offer instead of accepting the original offer, which means the rejection of the original offer. Thus the original offer is lapsed as and when the counter offer is made.

When the offerer revokes the offer before it is accepted by the offeree: An offer can be revoked at any time before it is accepted by communicating a notice of revocation to the offeree.

When it becomes illegal or its subject-matter is destroyed before acceptance: An offer ends if it becomes illegal before it is accepted.

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