When is an Agency Irrevocable?

The Agency is Irrevocable in the following Cases:

If the agency is coupled with interest:

When the agency is created for securing some benefit to the agent in addition to his remuneration as agent then it is called as agency coupled with interest.

According to Section 202, “where the agency has himself an interest in the property which forms the subject matter of the agency, cannot in the absence of an express contract, be terminated to the prejudice of such interest.”

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Where the agent has partly exercised his authority:

According to Section 204, “the principal cannot revoke the authority given to his agent after the authority has been partly exercised, so far as regards such ads and obligations as arise from acts already done in the agency.”

In other words, the principal cannot revoke the agents authority already done in the agency. Also that the principal would be liable for such acts which have already been done on his behalf.

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When the agent has incurred a personal liability:

If the agent has incurred any personal liability in the pursuance of a contract of agency, the principal cannot revoke the agency.

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