What is Work Measurements? Explain the concept and objectives of Work Measurement.

Work measurement refers to the estimation of standard time, that is, the time allowed for completing one piece of job using a given method. This is the time taken by an average experienced worker for the job with provisions for delays beyond the worker’s control. The International Labour Organization (1974), defines work measurement as the application of techniques designed to establish the work for a qualified worker to carry out a specified job at a defined level of performance. The objectives that are achieved with the help of work measurement in an organization are:

Choosing between various alternatives. A job can be done in various methods and the choice that suits the organization based on the time taken by one method in comparison to another etc. is an example of this.

Arriving at the optimum number of workforce to be employed for a particular job so that it is neither overstaffed nor understaffed to enable maximizing the quality and quantity of production.

With work measurement, the possibility of accuracy in planning and scheduling of operations is that much easier. It takes into consideration the availability of resources with respect to personal, money and material.

Work measurement acts as an effective means of control as there is clarity in all the procedures and maintenance of records is as per standards.

Standards are of great use in estimating costs that is being taken up. These can be compared with respect to evaluation of forecasts. If there is no parity amongst these two tenures or if the difference is huge the reasons can be evaluated so that the system can be revamped to be more effective.

The workforce understands exactly the optimum standards which can be achieved and which is expected from them. This helps a great dealing performance based pay packages.

Standards act as abase to measure the effectiveness by way of comparison with the actual results/ achievements.

Standards help in discharging the managerial functions more efficiently.

Standards also pave way for finding practical solutions to likely problem areas.

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