What is resource planning and Management?

There is a need to carefully plan and manage these resources so that these do not get totally exhausted.

Land Use Planning and Management: Proper concern is required to maintain land and its resources as land is very sensitive to changes in climate and other processes of nature like rain, sunshine, land slides, erosion, etc. Construction in cities should be limited only to the non-agricultural land. .Roads, dams, industries, etc. should be constructed at a site which will not affect the environment and the socio-economic condition of the people. Hilly areas provide us with the resources like fuel, fodder, timber. etc. therefore these should be put under forest cover.

Soil Management: Soil management can be done by minimizing or checking soil erosion and by restoring the productivity of the soil. Soil erosion can be checked by growing grasses, trees, plants and by providing a proper damage system so as to avoid underground flow of water. In hilly areas soil erosion or land slides are controlled by constructing a network of the drainage ditches of stones or bricks-so that the water flows out there then.

The productivity of the soil can be controlled by rotation of crops and vegetable which helps to remove the deficiency of the nutrients. Over- irrigation should also be checked to increase the productivity of the soil.

Management of Forest Resources: Forest resources are being used continually to manufacture paper, sports goods, furniture, etc. Therefore an alternate source is required to conserve these forest resources. Another way is to stop deforestation and encourage tree plantation and social forestry.

Management of Water Resources: Avoiding water wastage is the best way to manage water resources. Recharging of ground water is another important aspect of the water management. Waste water from domestic areas can be used for many industrial and agricultural purposes. Over consumption of water should be reduced to have the optimum utilization of water.

CONSERVATION OF MINERAL RESOURCES: To minimize the wastage of mineral resources they should be used judiciously with minimum wastage. Scraps of metals should be recycled. Substitutes of some metals like mercury, gold, silver, etc. need to be discovered.

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