What is Motivation? Discuss the Techniques to Increase Motivation.

Meaning of Motivation:

The term “motivation” is derived from the word “motive”. Motive may be defined as needs, wants, drives and impulse within an individual. Motives or needs of a person are the starting point in the motivation process. It directed towards the achievement of certain goals which in turn determine the behavior of individuals. Generally motivation is defined as the complex of force inspiring a person at work to intensify his willingness to use his capacities for the achievement of certain goal. Motivation is something that motivates person to do something.

According to J. Juicius, “motivation as the act of stimulating someone or oneself to get a desired course of action, “to push the right button to get a desired reaction”. Thus motivation is a “will of work”.

We may define motivation as “a willingness to expand enemy to achieve a goal.It is force that function that kindless of burning passion for action among the human being of an organization.” Actually motivation is a continuous process. It may be positive or negative. It is different from job satisfaction. It is an integral part of management process and every manager must motivate his subordinates to create in them the will to work. Motivation is a psychological phenomenon which generates within an individual. It is a behavioral concept that deals directs human behavior towards certain goals.

Motivation is the most important factor that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. A motivated employee give greater performance motivation leads to job satisfaction of workers. As a result labor absenteeism and turnover are low. Motivational schemes create integration of individual interests with organizational objectives. It is the process through which organization attract talented to perform its work effectively. It is the process by which organization achieve its goal easily.

Techniques Designed for Increase Motivation:

To motivate employee is the important task of each and every organization. It is the process by which an organization get the right things done by people. For motivating employee’s mind management adopted two techniques financial and non-financial.

Financial Motivation: Financial motivation means which is directly or indirectly connected with money. Wages and salary bonuses, profit-sharing, leave with pay, medical reimbursement etc. are the financial motivation.

Non-financial Motivation: Non-financial motivations are not connected with monetary rewards. They are the psychic rewards or the rewards of enhanced position, that can be secured in the working organization. They are:

  • Job security
  • Job enlargement
  • Job rotation
  • Job loading
  • Job enrichment
  • Status and pride
  • Quality and work life
  • Reinforcement
  • Competition
  • Appraisal, praise,and prestige
  • Delegation of authority
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