Leadership Definition – Importance of Managerial Leadership.


George Terry has defined leadership as “Leadership is the activity of influencing people to strive willingly for group objectives.”

Leadership is the art of influencing group of people to follow a shown path willingly and do the bidding of the leader in a directed manner.

Leadership is based on group of followers who willingly follow their leader and work together to achieve common objective as enumerated by the leader.

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Managers in organization has to provide leadership to his group of people for achieving the organizational goals.

Manager manages the activities of his group in planned and organized manner through vested power but he can achieve better results if couples his vested powers with the qualities of a leader, the group’s response will be more enthusiastic and effective.

Managerial Leadership is based on the following:

  • It is a continuous and conscious act.
  • The manager leads by example and not power alone.
  • Managerial leadership induces willing cooperation.
  • Leadership of manager must be accepted and respected.
  • Managerial leadership strives to achieve organizational goals as well as individual goals.
  • Managerial leadership is followed through on all situations.

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Management is based on the formal authority of managers. Managerial Leadership is not based on formal authority but interpersonal relations a manager is able to build.

Managerial Leader is a vital link between his subordinates and the higher management. He cares for his subordinates, help solve their problems through counseling and advice.

The importance of managerial leadership lies in the fact that apart from being a formal manager he is followed as a leader willingly. His group of follower not only achieve organizational objectives but also achieve personal goals.

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