There is no more important resource than human resources. Do you agree? Why?

Human resources are the only real assets of the organization which keep the organization in existence. I do agree with statement that there is no more important resources than human resources.

Without human resources and their effective participation all other resources of the organization will become redundant. All employees including all functional member who does planning organizing staff and directing are all human resources of an organization and without their effective participation no organization can exist.

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I agree with the utmost importance of human resources because of the following clear reasons. Without human resource the very existence of an organization is questionable and untenable.

  • Human resources with right qualification, skills and attitude is scores commodity

Every other resource of a organization like money material and machine has no value unless they are put to optimum by human resources organization planning can not move any further without the active participation of human resources.

Organization objectives are the goals posts but needs goal makes and goal keepers to a strike goals. Human resource is the driving force of a organization and this resources keeps the organization going.

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An organization is a state parlor, human resources make the organization dynamic. All other resources are redundant by their own nature, human resources never become redundant.

Every one who understands organization and human resources will fully agree that “There is no more important resource than man resources”.

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