What Factors Influence the Formation of Groups?

Factors of group formation are the interaction that a group offer to its members. Attraction is due to reasons of similarity between the group members and also the fulfillment of needs of the members. One more factor responsible for group formation is the goals of the group. When the goals suits the new members they can join the group other wise they can leave the group.

Prestige of the group also attracts the members to become a part of the group. Need for affiliation among human beings is also a good and strong factor of group formation. Human beings affiliate with a group When the group satisfies their socio emotional needs. One more factor is important to note that interaction among individuals helps in the proximity of the group.

When there is an attraction in groups then it is imperative to consider the characteristics of the groups. There are many things which generally attract the group members and make,them more attractive. They are:

A good status achieved by a group member the more attractive group becomes for him. Members on high authority of the group remain attracted towards the group.

Cooperative relationships and rewards received also increase the attractiveness of the group because personal and social needs are being met.

Positive interaction within the group members also directs the attractiveness of the group because it increases the personal and social needs which are being met by the group.

Size of the group also affects its attractiveness. It is easy to interact in small groups than in the big groups.

Positive relations are also easy to make in small groups. Positive relations add to the prestige of the, group and make the group more attractive.

Groups which are perceived as meeting goals effectively appear more attractive.

Plausible Hypothesis about Group Formation:

There are various factors which contribute to the formation of the group. They are:

A person joins a particular group in which he/ she finds him/her interest, attitude, personality, perception etc. corresponding with other individuals within the department or the organization.

Persons form or join the group depending upon their social class, caste, and religion to satisfy their social needs. They do it mainly to satisfy their love, affection and care needs.

When a person feels insecure over astonishing developments such as sudden health problem, termination, suspension, local problems etc., consequently, everyone likes to be in a group to feel secured to work.

When persons work in an organization, they get every type of economic incentives and benefits available within the rules and regulations. At times organizations cannot meet up an individual’s unintended or obligatory needs like money for marriage, house construction, medical care and other proposes. Therefore, they try to be associated with those people who will help them at the time of need.

Persons who are coming to work from various societies and culture. It so happens when their place of work is far from their place of origin, region and culture, they do not feel comfortable at work. The reason could be the absence of cultural celebrations. This is also one of the reasons for which individuals coming from same culture, tradition and speaking similar language usually form the group

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