5 Ways No One Will Ever Know You Are Wearing Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are a model of footwear, mostly for men. They are worn by those who want to look taller, no matter the reason. Many people who choose this model wonder if it is visible to others. They often give up on the idea, thinking that everyone will see them on their feet.

They are also afraid that their friends can make some unpleasant jokes. But if the shoes are well made, almost no one will notice that you are wearing elevator shoes. Except, maybe, someone else who wears the same ones.

And Now, a Little History

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In the past, elevated shoes, now known as high heels, were originally designed for men. But over time, they became a mandatory fashion accessory for ladies, while their use by men was completely suppressed. Also, male soldiers were able to practice stability in military exercises, thanks to the elevator footwear that was available to them at the time.

Today, heels can be found in women’s accessories, which is very unfair for boys. However, society has imposed standards that are not always in line with historical facts. Also, many men want to be taller than they really are, so they go back to elevator shoes to make them visually bigger than they really are.

The solution for the free wearing of such shoes is to be less noticeable from the outside. If you check at guidomaggi.com, you will see that their models look like any other footwear. But on the other hand, they are elevated enough to be effective in what is their main goal.

There are not many practical ways to cover up the fact that you wear such shoes, but of course, you can at least try, in the following ways:

1. Practice Walking For a Few Days

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It is not easy to suddenly climb even a little higher footwear than you are used to. In order not to be noticed that you are wearing them, you must practice walking properly. All these shoes are made to be worn, which means they have both flexibility and elasticity. It is up to you to try to do it as easily as you can.

After you buy them, practice walking home for a few days, and then be ready when you go out. Sure, there will be a difference, but your foot is already used to elevator shoes and will be less noticeable to those around you.

2. Choose Auality Designs and Models

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Some designs are very visible as elevator shoes, but you can easily find better quality footwear where it is not fully visible. It is mandatory to try them and see how they look before you buy them. That way you are sure that even those who wear the same shoes will not notice that you are doing the same. Try before you buy, because that way you will be sure that they are comfortable enough and that they fit you well.

3. Combine Properly With Jeans and Pants

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This is crucial in the visual concealment of the shoe model. Choose long enough pants or jeans that cover part of the footwear. That way you can be sure they are not so obvious. Of course, you can be really creative in combining and choosing stylish models, without it being noticeable that you have intervened in your physical appearance.

4. A Few More Practical Tips on Wearing Elevator Shoes

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Before you buy such shoes at all, you must evaluate a few things. For example, how much height do you want and on what occasions would you wear them? For example, if you are dating a girl, you should know that if things go your way, you will have to tell her the truth at some point. But if it is for formal occasions and with people you will not meet again in life, then you can wear them without having a pang of tiny guilt about it.

Carefully choose the occasion when you wear them. They can be your secret weapon when you go to formal events, but sometimes they can be a real disaster if you feel uncomfortable. Nowadays there are both casual and elegant variants of elevator shoes and what is especially good is that they suit every style. The workmanship is so sophisticated that it can even be said that at some point you will forget what you are wearing.

Manufacturers make them comfortable and quality and you should be really grateful for that. Now everyone can adjust their height, exactly with the help of elevator shoes.

5. Do Not be Afraid to Wear Them

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As we have already said, for many of those who wear them, there is a fear of shame and humiliation, but you will be surprised how much no one actually pays attention to it. There are people who have been wearing such shoes for years and have continued to do so today.

But as we have said, if you still want that fact to remain a secret from you, listen to one of the three concealment tips we have listed. It is especially important to practice walking because that way you will remove the discomfort and you will be able to be confident in your appearance and style.

Even if there are obscene comments, our advice is to ignore them. Dress the way you would feel most beautiful and confident. That’s the recipe for good looks and easy steps even with elevator shoes.


At the very end, we want to emphasize that it does not matter at all whether you notice what you are wearing or not. What is more important is that you feel beautiful and comfortable. Do not let the fear of negative comments take away from you. In the end, you decide what to wear and if something makes you happy, buy it. Yes, this applies to elevator shoes, even for those guys who do not need to add an inch to their height. Of course, invest in quality footwear, because that’s the safest way to wear them.

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