TikTok’s parent ByteDance to sues legal action against US over ban

Chinese company ByteDance, that possesses video-sharing platform TikTok, said on Sunday it may file a lawsuit against the US administration over President Donald Trump”s executive order prohibiting American trades with the favorite program whilst preparing strategy to shut down its company in the nation.

Trump signed executive orders on August 6 which could stop TikTok and WeChat from working in the US since they jeopardized America”s domestic safety and market.

Under the executive order, some trades with ByteDance issue to US authority will confront prohibition within 45 days or from mid-September.

US officials are worried that the corporation could pass information onto American users into the Chinese authorities. However, ByteDance has denied that.

ByteDance is currently in discussions with prospective acquirers such as Microsoft and Oracle.

“Within the last year, we have sought to speak with the US authorities, also supplied answers regarding its issues,” ByteDance stated in a declaration.

“However, the US government disregarded details, disobeyed needed legal processes, and attempted to fit itself into discussions between private companies,” it stated.

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Aside from the suit, the business is also preparing for the worst — even a shutdown strategy to continue to keep its workers in the USA about the Senate, even when program is closed down from the nation.

TikTok has over 100 million consumers, over 1,500 workers and tens of thousands of company partners in america, based on ByteDance.

ByteDance worries that because of the exceptionally wide range and thoroughly uncertain material of this US executive order , the business is not able to make certain a solution acceptable to all parties could be attained during the time limitation determined by the US authorities, the Xinhua report said.

Aside from the firm”s litigation, its US workers are also likely to require the Trump government to court within the executive order,” it said.

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