Maximizing Your Retail Profits: The Benefits of Stocking Designer Eyewear

Selling designer eyewear can be a highly profitable endeavor for retail stores of all sizes. With the right product selection and merchandising strategy, stores can capitalize on the continued growth and popularity of luxury and high-end fashion brands.

Appealing to Affluent Customers

One of the main reasons to consider expanding your designer eyewear assortment is the opportunity to appeal to more affluent customers. Individuals with higher disposable incomes are often willing to spend more on accessories and items that align with their fashion sense and personal brand.

Designer sunglasses, in particular, have become a way for customers to showcase their style and make a statement. If your customer base includes affluent individuals, make sure you are speaking to them with your merchandise mix. Carrying well-known designer brands of sunglasses and eyeglasses shows you understand their preferences and have products ready for them.

Higher Price Points Mean Bigger Profits

Designer Eyewear


Besides drawing in wealthier shoppers, designer eyewear simply offers more room for profit on each sale. While markups can vary greatly, the general rule of thumb is the more expensive an item is, the higher the markup percentage. For example, a pair of basic plastic prescription eyeglasses might carry a standard 100% markup over wholesale cost.

But a pair of designer prescription eyeglasses could easily withstand a 200-300% markup or more. The same goes for designer sunglasses; the overall profit margin on a $500 pair of sunglasses will be considerably higher than cheap $20 sunglasses. This makes designer eyewear an obvious category to expand if your goal is to maximize profits.

Leveraging the Latest Fashion Trends

Latest Fashion Trends in Eyewear industry


Another smart reason to carry designer brands is you can capitalize on the latest runway styles and fashion trends. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana use their sunglasses and eyeglasses to translate the most in-demand colors, patterns, and shapes seen on fashion runways into wearable accessories.

As customers rush to buy into these temporary trends, smart retailers can ride the wave and quickly sell through hot styles before the next trend comes along. Not only does focusing on designer fashion eyewear allow for capitalizing on temporary spikes in demand, but customers depend on retailers like yours to curate those hard-to-find in-vogue styles.

Tips for Maximizing Designer Eyewear Profits


If you decide carrying designer fashion brands could be beneficial for your store, here are some tips for getting the most out of this category:

  • Carefully Select Brands – Resist the temptation to bring in every designer brand on the market. Carefully research best-selling designers in your geographic area as well as brands your existing customers ask for. Consider focusing on 3-5 core designer brands rather than trying to stock everything.
  • Buy in Bulk – One way to get heavily discounted prices is to buy bulk designer sunglasses from suppliers like Olympic Eyewear. This allows you to get designer sunglasses and eyeglasses well below retail cost while still selling them at standard retail pricing for extra profits.
  • Stock Core Styles Year-Round – While it can be tempting to buy into every hot new seasonal style, also be sure to always carry core basic styles from your key designer brands. Often customers want to purchase replacements for lost sunglasses or glasses broken between their insurance replacement period.


As you can see, adding designer eyewear or expanding your existing designer offerings can reap significant rewards if done strategically. Targeting affluent consumers, focusing on the highest price point merchandise, leveraging fashion trends, and using smart merchandizing tactics means designer eyewear offers nearly endless profit possibilities. Carrying the most coveted global luxury brands not only feels exclusive but can truly help maximize your store’s profits.

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