Mention the assumptions underlying social group work by Douglas.

Douglas has given the basic assumptions of the group work practice:

  • Group experience is essential and an integral part of human existence.
  • Group bring changes in the attitude and behaviour of people.
  • Group gives experiences which are monitored and selected in beneficial way.
  • Group gives experience and a sense of belonging of growing together to the members.
  • Group provides changes which are more paramount and can be obtained more quickly.
  • Groups also helps in the removal of difficulties created by exposure to previous learning.
  • Groups are used as instruments which are/economical in use, in place of scarce resources, groups can examine behaviour and the general pattern of group behaviour.
  • Man is a social animal.
  • Social interaction is result of group life.
  • Man’s achievements can be increased and developed through group experiences.
  • Capacity to solve group problems can be solved by increased group experiences.
  • Group experiences changes the level of aspiration of the group members.
  • Group recreational activities are beneficial for both individual and society.
  • Group experiences has permanent impact on individuals.
  • Group work focuses its attention on two types of activities i.e. programme and social relationships.
  • Professional knowledge and skills are essential for working with the group.
  • Knowledge of social sciences is essential for dealing with the group.
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