How diseases are spread or infection work?

Germs enter our body through different mediums like air, contaminated food and water, insects and other’ carriers.

Some of these diseases are:

Air-borne Diseases: Air carries number of germs which can cause diseases. Even cough and cold can be transferred from one person to another. One sick person can thus infect a lot of others.

Water-borne Diseases: Contaminated water is another reason for causing diseases like diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid. Germs multiply in the gut of a person and come out in the faces. These infected faces then pass on to others through water. In villages this infected water is used for bathing, washing and drinking. The hands which also carry germs can infect a healthy person when later touch the object touched by a healthy person.

 Food-borne Diseases: If the person who is cooking is infected, the germs will reach the food and the people who eat it will get infected. Typhoid and other stomach infections are caused in this way. Contaminated fruits, vegetables and food which are exposed to germs and flies pick up bacteria which then multiply and cause infection.

Diseases Spread by Insects or other Carriers: Mosquitoes can cause malaria, dengue fever and other deadly diseases. They suck the blood of infected person and transmit them to others when they bite them. Rats, houseflies, lice, cockroaches, etc. also carry germs of various diseases. 

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