Explain the meaning and importance of inter governmental relations.

The meaning and importance of inter governmental relations (IGRs).

When we speak of intergovernmental relations, we speak of relationships between and/or among government units that is, how numerous administrative bodies interact with each other with the purpose of either widening or limiting each others influence and bidding each others support in relation with issues affecting conflicting interests.

In the process of governance, the governmental structures at the union, state and local levels have to interact with each other for achieving the maximum with the minimum inputs. As such, the interaction between various governmental organizations is indispensable.

There is hardly any political structure or substructure, administrative agency or sub-organization of an administrative structure where the IGRs are not having a place of prominence. IGRs have substantial roots in the past and will have important consequences in the future regarding issues like health, education, environment, agriculture, etc.

Anderson (1960), has defined IGRs as “an important body of activities or interactions occurring between governmental units of all types and levels within a system.” Wright (1988), defines IGR as “patterned, interdependent, and bargained behaviour among national, state and local officials.”

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