Explain the fields of practice of social casework practice.

Determination of fields of practice: Fields of case work or settings of case work are very broad. Many fields are taken up, on the basis of the following components:

  • Person-in-context: The Context here includes the total social environment of client. For e.g. a blind middle aged person, a rape victim, an orphaned child, etc.
  • The concern or the problem requiring help: Destitute, chronic illness, drug dependence, rehabilitation, trauma caused by riots/ accidents, etc.
  • Human service organizations provide local help like schools, hospitals, childcare institutions, short stay homes, etc.

The Needs Perspective:

Common Human Needs: Other than survival needs every person wants to get love, affection, security, achievement, etc.

Special Human Needs: Needs which come because person is disabled. It becomes difficult for him to arise from chronic illness, traumatic incidences, etc.

Societally Caused Needs: They arise because of certain conditions in society which affects the life of a person. Like oppression, deprivation, displacements due to tall demands of society.

  • The Life-span Perspective: The experience of a person goes through his life cycle from birth till his death. He experiences a series of changes moving in his life and each stage requires him to successfully complete tasks before moving to the next stage. Human beings move and go through this cycle without major unsettling stresses. But if a person is not able to achieve he finds his life stressing and depressing.

The Human Service Organizations: The foremost function of these organizations is to serve the society and to improve the general well-being and the functioning of the people.

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