Distinguish between Interview and Conversation.

Distinguish between Interview and Conversation.

Conversation is a casual discussion between two or more people. Anything can be spoken in a conversation. There are no hard and fast rules. You are not assessed nor does any mark given. Whereas, in an interview, you are asked specific questions, you have to answer intelligently. You are graded by the replies. Interviews are mostly one sided i.e. you have to answer all the questions and rarely get a chance to ask few questions.

The points of difference between interview and conversation are:

To collect information about the interviewee, his family, his relatives his friends, existing problem, the time of the occurrence of the problem of the interviewee whereas conversation is not goal directed. It just goes with the flow.

To gain inner feeling of the interviewee conversation has mutual responsibility for its course.

It takes place between a professional and a non-professional person and the conversation is to solve a problem in conversation there is no such purpose.

Because it has a purpose, interview is formally arranged meeting definite time, place and duration is to be fixed for the interview.

The purpose of interview is not amusement therefore feelings are not avoided, in a conversation tacit agreement is to avoid the unpleasant.

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