Discuss the various steps in survey design in psychology.

Survey research has to be done in a organized and complete manner. Researcher uses deductive approach to collect information. He starts with the functional problems and concludes with the experimental measurement and data analysis. When the researcher make up his mind of doing his study with survey method, he then takes some highly structured steps to make his research more scientific and practical.

There is no union amongst the researchers on the number of steps to be taken in a research process. We will study about the main steps in survey research which will cover the preparation, planning and execution of research.

Discuss the various steps in survey design in psychology.

The first phase deal with the design and preparation for the survey, this step is detailed and a very long one too. In this step the five points of administration of survey are design. It is critical because it sets the foundation of the actual survey.

The key steps in this phase are making research questionnaire, deciding upon the research design, ope-rationalizing sampling procedure, choosing information collecting techniques, construction of questionnaire, etc.

In the second step researcher carry out/starts the main process of data collection. Locating and calculate the respondents, doing survey, keep an eye on the field workers.

In the last stage, editing of data collected starts, making a code book, choosing the tabulation for data collected. And in the end researcher prepares a report of the study.

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