Discuss the Social Responsibility of Industry.

Social Responsibility of Industry.

Each organization is an organ of culture. Industry is no exception. The plan of social responsibility denotes that result makers in industry are required to take actions, which defend and improve the welfare of the society as a whole, along with their own interests. Social responsibility is concemed with the public attention. There are a number of ways in which business and industry may respond to social demands being made on it.

Business could use the public relation approach. It offers public through the press and public speeches, a huge number of stories about its achievement, in social areas, all the while making no changes in existing practices.

Another approach is legal approach. Business depends upon law to protect it from changes because it knows that laws are amended very slowly in a large social system. Meanwhile, business does only the least required by law.

Another approach is bargaining by which business negotiates with demands groups, which make claims upon it.

Problem solving is another approach. Business is known as an efficient problem solver, and people look to it for leadership in this area. In order to release their social responsibilities most companies work in three directions.

It participates in and contributes to public programs of social security and national health service.

It cooperates with the state and local authorities and other agencies whose services are made use of by the workers.

It organize personnel departments in their plants to perform the tasks, such as employment service, industrial relations.

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