Discuss the social group worker’s role in group process.

In working with groups a social worker has to be knowledgeable and skillful to perform variety of roles. Particular role that is selected and suits him ideally is to determine the most effective. Let’s learn and study about the major roles performed by a social group worker.


Group worker presents in a group as a helper/enabler to do things with the group rather than Tor the group. He influences the group indirectly. He helps individually to articulate their problems and also plan resolution strategies and develop capacities to solve their problems on their own. He helps in mobilizing strengths and resources to cope with problems.


He identifies the community resources, government resources, schemes and programs which help the group to carry out their plans successfully. Group members lack information about the resources and services. He helps members to become aware of resources and eligibility criteria and other conditions of using the services.


Worker also acts as an advocate which helps the group members in need of help. Group worker provides leadership for collecting information, arguing the correctness of client’s need and request and challenging the institution decision to provide services.


When a group is formed then the group worker acts as an activists. Activists change the objective which involves shift in power and resources of the group. Group workers are concerned about social injustice, inequality and deprivation. Goal is to change the social environment to meet the needs of individual.


Social group work is often a link between the members, other groups, community and agency. Asa mediator he solves disputes, conflicts, opposing point of view within and outside the group. He finds intervention to reconcile differences and to reach at mutually satisfactory agreements. He works with the group and occupies a liaising position.


He brings together the ones who are in conflict with each other. He bargains, negotiates and compromise to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreements. A negotiator he plays the role of while negotiating time, venue, resources, etc. with the group members.


This is one of the most important roles of a group worker in helping members achieve the goals. He gives information to group members and teaches them new skills. To work as an effective educator his communication skills should also be good and it must be clearly conveyed to get the correct information.


He gives his attention to a problem, a potential problem and realizes that problems can be recognized easily. With his experience and knowledge he foresee the problem areas and draws attention to address the issues. Initiator role is followed by functions by giving attention to problems which are not easy to resolve.


The main goal of social work is of empowerment. Empowered group worker helps individuals to increase their strengths, and influence the improving circumstances.


They bring organizations in the group. On behalf of the agency they assume the role of coordinator and help the group members to avail services of different agencies. He coordinates the group members in the initial stages of group formation.

Group Facilitator

He serves the group as a leader. Group may be of therapy, family therapy, or any other focus group. He provides methodology and help the members to allow himself to become involved with the problems of the group. He expresses his opinions and makes it clear when his functioning as a group is clear. Facilitating discussion is also one of the important role of group worker.

Communicator end Interpreter

He is a specialist in how to communicate with people. He acts as an interpreter where relationships are to be dealt.The main role he plays is how to help the group members to understand what is being communicated. In certain cases it he has to explain and interpret the meaning to the members. Group members are sometimes not able to see the actual gains of being in the group.

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